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Founded in 2018, Designs By Anna J is where culture and style meet. Specializing in transforming traditional African print fabrics into modern designs, we remove the hours of travel time to West Africa through our products. Collaborating, being positivity, working hard and development are in the core of our U.S and West African team. The Fashion Design and Marketing Internship will teach you exactly what it takes to run a self-funded, in house designed, successful international clothing business.  

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1. Tell us a little about yourself and why you are pursuing an internship in either fashion design or marketing sales?

2. Why Designs By Anna J? What will you contribute to our team? Where do you suspect you will need help? 

3. Are you busy this summer and fall? Internships are meant to expose you to many areas of business and that is what we will do. Be prepared to hustle. So, are you too busy to put your all into this amazing opportunity?